Choosing the theme is the most impactful decision that needs to be made when planning a bridal shower.  The theme is what will set apart your bride’s party from the rest.  Whether it’s the mother of the bride who is planning the bridal shower or the whole group of brides maids coming together to make her day special, the theme should be a reflection of the bride’s personality and interests. 

When choosing the theme for the bridal shower, first think about what type of wedding the couple will be having.  Are they getting married outdoors?  Is it a destination wedding?  What is the theme of the wedding itself?  If the wedding has a particular theme, that’s a great place to start to plan the bridal shower.  For example, if the couple is getting married in Disney World, the theme of the bridal shower could involve the castle, glass slippers, and enchantment.

Another way to choose the theme of the bridal shower is to think about the bride’s hobbies and interests.  For example, if the bride has a passion for gardening, the theme could include things like miniature gardening tools for favors or the cake could be made to look like her garden. describes the basics of planning a garden themed bridal shower:

Find the perfect location for your garden bridal shower. It could be lovely to hold the shower in someone’s home or at a historical landmark with a large garden that guests could walk around.

Decorate for the garden bridal shower, with the beauty of nature. Miniature topiary plants or flowering plants are pretty centerpieces.

Create a pretty chair for the bride. Put flowers on the top of her chair and make it look special; people will notice this while she opens her gifts.

Give guests a bridal shower favor that suits that gardening theme. A seed packet, a seedling, a garden tool or even hand cream for gardeners are ideal.

Play a garden game such as guessing what type of plant a seedling is, or sniffing small cups of herbs and guessing what type of herbs they are. Create a game based on your love of the garden that the guests will enjoy.

One idea that is gaining popularity is a partner theme.  A partner theme involves planning the bridal shower for the bride AND the groom!  Designing the theme around the couple’s interests, careers, or marriage location is a great way to allow the bride and groom to celebrate their upcoming marriage together.

The possibilities are endless when deciding on the theme for the bridal shower.  Make the couple’s day special by choosing a theme that is perfect for them and will reflect their interests and personalities.

If you have other bridal shower theme ideas, please tell us below!

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